Rumored Buzz on 資料救援

heel/to adhere to closely/to go along with/(of a lady) to marry sb/with/compared with/to/in direction of/and (signing up for two nouns)

to blow/to Participate in a wind instrument/to blast/to puff/to boast/to brag/to finish in failure/to drop through

拼音 等級 cānzhuō B căo B căodì B căoyuán B B cèsuǒ cí B cì B cōngmíng B cóng B cónglái B cóngqián B cù B cuò B cuò B cuòwù B chāzi B chá B chá B chà B chàbùduō B chà(yì)diă B B chănpǐn cháng B cháng B cháng B chángchán B chăng B chàng B chànggē B chāojíshìc B chăo B chē(zi) B chēzhàn B chènshān B chéng B chéngdù B chénggōng B chéngjī B chéngshí B chéngshì B chī B chīfileàn B

to go out/to come back out/to manifest/to provide/to transcend/to increase/to put forth/to happen/classifier for dramas, performs, operas etcetera

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詞彙 那麼 那麼 那些 那樣 那樣 �?奶茶 奶奶 �?�?�?南邊 難過 男孩(�?�? 難看 男朋�?男人 男生 男子 �?�?內容 �?能夠 能力 �?�?你�?�?�?年底 年級 年紀 年年 年輕 �?念書 �?�? �?�?牛奶 牛肉

拼音 等級 gèrén B gèwèi B gěi B gěi B gēn B gēn B gēn B gēn B gēn B gèng B gōngchē B gōngchēzh B B gōngchǐ gōngfēn B gōnggòng B gōnggòngq B gōngjīn B B gōnglǐ gōnglù B gōngkè B gōngkè B gōngrén B gōngsī B B gōngxǐ gōngyù B gōngyuán B gōngzuò B gōngzuò B gòng B B gǒu(ér) gòu B gòu B gòu B gùshì B guā B guà B guāi B guài B guān B guān B guānxì B guānxīn B

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to induce/to promote/to urge/to impel/to bring about/to provoke/to drive (sb to complete sth)/to catalyze/to actuate/to contribute to (some advancement)

sheet/bit of creating/sure set of bamboo slips useful Look At This for file keeping (outdated)/classifier for created goods: chapter, post

Guidance for formatted CD-RW discs mounted in really aged drives that have no idea the CD-RW set packet structure but. Automobile detection and computerized remapping which may be switched of or forced always. Inbuilt Process two remapper.

詞彙 袋子 擔心 �?�?蛋糕 但是 �?�?當然 刀 刀�?�?�?�?�?�?到處 到底 道理 �?�?�?得很 的話 �?得到 �?�?�?�?�?�?�?底下 �?�?�?�?弟弟 地方 地區 地圖

to sense/notion/to really feel (from the senses)/to expertise/a sense/an impact/an working experience

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